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​Luxembourg offers investors numerous advantages, such as:​

  • respect for privacy, a culture of confidentiality and discretion,

  • legislative and regulatory stability ensuring the continuity of business operations,

  • a responsive, multilingual, pragmatic and accessible public administration of proven effectiveness,

  • a consensus culture fostered by the absence of political tensions,

  • high level of personal and property security, offering residents and visitors a high standard of living,

  • a relatively homogeneous population in terms of income and lifestyle, and is free of social tensions,

  • a solid financial centre; Europe's leading fund administration centre with 145 banks, 55 of which also offer private banking services. Genuine international know-how is thus condensed in a few square kilometres in a healthy competitive environment,

  • a financial sector strictly regulated according to European standards, a guarantee of security for clients.

Lastly, a government committed to actively promoting the financial market through its Luxembourg For Finance programme. A mixed public/private agency co-founded by the government and the financial sector, this agency is evidence of the authorities' responsiveness, dynamism and attention to detail as regards the sustainable development of Luxembourg.