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​A dedicated philanthropy department


In 2007, the bank launched a « Philanthropy department » with a strong commitment to advising clients on their philanthropic journey.  In the same way we advise the best investment solutions, we assist our clients in the management of their philanthropy in a professional manner.  In this case, the purpose is to maximize the social impact. 

This activity makes sense for us as it brings a new added value to wealth creation, which can be passed down through generations and is a source of personal enrichment. 

Supported from the outset by our shareholders, our philanthropic activity is deeply rooted in our values.

Mission and actions

The main mission of the philanthropy activity is to emulate and promote philanthropy in the countries where Bank Degroof Petercam is active. 

We are engaged in the following activities to fulfill this mission:

  • Raising awareness around the importance of philanthropy
  • Advising our clients
  • ​​​

Our vision of philanthropy

We promote entrepreneurial and professional philanthropy, our main goal being to maximize social impact. 

With this « Venture Philanthropy » approach, we aim to combine the best practices of existing and new businesses with those of the not for-profit sector. 

Hence, we are constantly connected with the most innovative philanthropic players in Europe and the rest of the world. 

Our teams's commitment

Our teams carry "humane" and other social values of utmost importance and take on personal commitments. Either within the Degroof Petercam Foundation (Solidarity Days) or via their position at Degroof Petercam (competency patronage)

Gingo: our digital collaborative philanthropic platform

Based on the principle of crowdfunding, Gingo allows projects with high social and/or environmental potential to find funding from individuals and build a network. 


​Degroof Petercam Foundation

The philanthropy department is also responsible for managing and promoting philanthropic initiatives of our group through our own foundation. Degroof Petercam Foundation is active in the countries where we operate and focuses on education and entrepreneurship.

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Consulting and support for philanthropic initiatives

  • Do you have a philanthropic project? We can help you make this project more professional.
  • Would you like launch your own foundation? We can help you determine your scope of action, perform market research, prepare the strategy, create a legal structure and measure its impact.
  • Would you like to donate part of your assets to a good cause? We can help you.
  • As a family group, would you like to contribute to society? We can help you structure your philanthropic project.
  • Would you like a turnkey solution for your philanthropic intentions and to have your funds managed according to your wishes, even when you are no longer here? For profiles like yours, we have created the Gingo Foundation.

Awareness raising and networking

We organise philanthropy forums with well-known speakers who share their experiences, and to which we invite our clients active in philanthropy.

These forms bring together philanthropists who are active in the same fields so that they can work together and develop synergies. For example: Next Generation (a community that supports education) and Pulse Foundation (a community that supports community entrepreneurship and a foundation created with our support).

As of 2017, every year we organize our Solidarity Days which allow the employees of the Bank to show solidarity by giving their time and arms to associations.

We support Gingo Community, our new digital platform for collaborative philanthropy 

​Impact investing advisory services

We provide advice on microcredits, corporate social housing and renewable energy funds.

Sustainable Investment

If you are considering a commitment to impact investing, investing for a social purpose, or in investment funds that meet environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, we help you implement your project or choose the most suitable investment.

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